Why Influencers and E-Commerce Sellers Should Use URL Shortening Services ?

It's no secret that eCommerce is booming, but with so many sellers competing for attention, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd.

Not only do you need to have an attractive product and a well-designed website, but you also need to find creative ways to market your business.

One way to get your message across quickly and easily is by using a URL shortener like meiniURL. Our service makes it easy for influencers and eCommerce sellers to share small links quickly with their customers over chat, SMS, and other mediums.

What is URL Shortening? (Example)

Many people are familiar with the concept of URL shortening, but may not know exactly how it works. In short, URL shortening is a technique that allows for a Uniform Resource Locator, or URL, to be made substantially shorter while still directing the user to the desired page.

This is done through the use of a redirect, which links the user to a web page that has a long URL. While this may seem like a relatively simple process, it can have a number of benefits.

For one, it can help to improve the usability of a website by making it easier for users to remember and share links. Additionally, it can also help to reduce the amount of clutter on a page, making it more visually appealing. Ultimately, URL shortening is a helpful tool that can make browsing the web more efficient and enjoyable.

For example, the URL "https://example.com/articles/best-widgets-of-2022" can be shortened to "https://meiniURL.com/widgets".

5 Reasons why Shorter URLs services are helpful

While URL shortening is a helpful tool for anyone who browses the web, it can be especially beneficial for eCommerce sellers and influencers. Here are five reasons why:

  1. Tiny URLs are easier to remember: Have you ever been to a website and forgotten the URL? It happens to all of us. By using a URL shortener, you can make it easier for your customers and followers to remember your website's URL.
  2. Short URLs are more visually appealing: Let's face it, no one likes looking at a long, messy URL. Shortening your URL makes it more visually appealing and easier for the eyes.
  3. Short URLs are easier to share: Have you ever tried sharing a long URL over chat or social media? It's not fun. By using a URL shortener, you can make it easier for your customers and followers to share your links.
  4. Short URLs are more trackable: If you're looking to track the performance of your marketing campaigns, shorter URLs are the way to go. With meiniURL, you can track the number of clicks, referrers, and more.
  5. Short URLs are more versatile: Did you know that you can use URL shorteners to create custom links? With meiniURL, you can create branded links with your company's name or logo.

There you have it! These are just a few of the reasons why influencers and eCommerce sellers should use URL shortening services.

If you're an influencer or eCom seller, we highly recommend using a URL shortener like meiniURL. Sign up today and see the difference!